Little Scale – Philips SAA-1099 Hardware Chip Samples

8 Bit crunchy low fi retro goodness courtest of Little Scale and Philips

Little Scale has provided a 100% copyright free and license free sample pack of the Phillips SAA-1099 sound generator chip.

It is a very simple sample pack, consisting of over 90 pitched sounds and 16 noise samples, from a range of frequencies.

These samples have been recorded from real hardware. The output stage of the sound chip has not been filtered in any way so it is raw for you to process as you see fit!

The Philips SAA1099 sound generator was a 6-voice sound chip used by some 1980s devices, notably:

  • The British-made SAM Coupé computer
  • The Creative Music System (C/MS) by Creative Labs<, which was also marketed at RadioShack as the Game Blaster. They had 2 chips, for 12 voices.
  • The Creative Sound Blaster 1.0 card (also 1.5 and 2.0 as an optional addon). However those cards also had an OPL2 chip (aka YM3812), which became much more popular.

The chip could produce several different waveforms by locking the volume envelope generator to the frequency generator, and also had a noise generator with 3 pre-set frequencies which could also be locked to the frequency generator for greater range. Its outstanding feature was that it could output in fully independent stereo.