Free Hardware Samples By Legowelt

Samples from iconic hardware devices such as the Korg Mono/Poly, the Roland JD 800...

Head on over to Legowelts’ website to download a big variety of samples from iconic hardware devices such as the Moog/Mini Moog, Korg Mono/Poly, the Roland JD 800, the gorgeous Roland Juno 106 and more! Throw them into a sampler and get mangling !

  • ROLAND JD 800 – 350 samples from the mighty 1992 Roland JD800 flagship synthesizer!
  • KORG MONO/POLY – 300 samples from this mighty 1981 cult beast! Everything from Juicy big basses occult space pads, interdimensional arpeggios, futuristic synthetic drums, metaphysical atmospheres + a lot more…all ready to take your music into the next sphere of existence!
  • ROLAND JUNO 106 – 250 samples from this classic workhorse synthesizer big basses, mysterious pads, chords, haunting strings,sequences, arpeggios, drums etc.!
  • CASIO MT70 – Smudgy & Snappy analog drums from the Casio MT70
  • BOSS DR660 – The Legendary Chicago house drummachine!