Here at Free Sample Packs we provide exclusive free samples to use in your music royalty free along with highlighting some of the greatest free samples out there for music producers new and seasoned.

We aim to provide a service indexing/listing great free samples around the web, saving you the hassle of following dodgy links and getting a virus, or receiving low quality sounds and just generally jumping through hoops. New content is added all the time, and if you know of a site offering free quality sounds, why not let us know so we can share them with others?

Enjoy your visit, hopefully you find some sounds to inspire your next musical creation. If you do, then we have succeeded in our mission.

A recent trend is the requirement to ‘like’ or tweet a page to gain access to the download. After careful consideration it has been decided to include sample packs that have this, as it’s so common now users could end up missing great content. And lets face it, apart from it still being free, some people ‘like’ the most random and silliest things so giving a like for quality free stuff should be no big deal, think of it as a tip.

Where possible we try to ensure the free sample packs listed on this site are 100% royalty free – however there may be the rare occasion when this is not the case. Always read the description to find out if the free samples are royalty free or not, the responsibility lies with you and not us to ensure this is carried out.

Thankyou 🙂