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Hardware Samples

Free sample packs of classic hardware analog synths and much more!

606 vs 950

Each single drum hit sample is spread over the 950’s key range and resampled a total of 37 varied pitches per drum hit. This free sample pack captures the magic of the AKAI s950.

Myna Sounds – Toy Box Keys

The synth was painstakingly multi-sampled of all of it’s sounds, firstly infusing them with some analog goodness. The samples were then ran through tape, added a touch of saturation, and applied subtle EQ to enhance their depth & richness.

Decryption – Beta Pack

The free Decryption Beta Pack previews over 250+ unreleased sounds from Tonify's biggest project ever. Inside, you’ll get access to everything from premium Melodies, Drums, 808s, MIDIs, FX, Percussion, and much more.