Lion Studio Dundee – Free Sample Pack Vol 1

Over 120 free samples in WAV format with no registration necessary for download...

Over the years Lion Studio Dundee have collected a huge amount of dope drum sounds but it became difficult every time a new beat was started to find the perfect kick, snare and hi-hat combinations out of the thousands of drum samples collected.

Lion Studio Dundee chose their all-time preferred drum sounds and matched them together to make a huge selection of complete drum kits designed especially for the underground Hip Hop producer looking for that Dilla, Madlib, Premo style vibe.

These kits are definitely not shiny 808 selections or over-processed sounds but raw, dirty, authentic drum samples, this doesn’t mean the sound quality is garbage, what it means is that you can (with a slice of talent) produce tracks that capture that gritty 90’s vibe.

Contains over 120 samples in WAV format with no registration necessary for download. Suitable for a wide range of genres such as Hip Hop, Trap, Dubstep, Breakbeat and much more.