JST Gang Vocals – Sample Pack

Spend less time searching for usable clips or recording your own...


With segmented, pre-mixed, and raw gang vocals of every chant someone could ever need just a few clicks away, spend less time searching for usable clips or recording your own, and amplify your productions with ease!

Whether you need a simple “One! Two! Three! Four!”, a “Hey!”“Let’s go!”, an “Ohhhhhh!” or any combination of them all – JST Gang Vocals is the complete package of high-quality gang vocal phrases ready for use in your next production:

As a community-built production pack, JST Gang Vocals can be used in your productions and compositions completely royalty-free, but cannot be resold or distributed as delivered.

What You’ll Get

  • 44.1 kHz 24 bit WAV Files
  • Useful phrases like “Hey!” and “Let’s go!” and “One! Two! Three! Four!” and beyond.
  • Individual tracks of every voice for you to mix however you want.
  • Dry, unprocessed groups of low, mid, and high voices for you to pick from.
  • A full, DRY blend of all the groups.
  • A full, PROCESSED blend of all the groups.