Round Robin 808 R&D Test Kit

The most authentic, alive, and high resolution 808s you’ve ever heard...

First things first… what are round robin samples and why are they important? If you’re new to the idea, round robin sampling involves recording multiple versions of the same sound and cycling through those versions on playback. Because each sample is just a little bit different than the next, the more round robins you have, the more realistic and alive a sample-based instrument can be.

Round Robin 808 and Preservation Series 808 libraries are 96k recordings of the vintage hardware with no transformative processing at all. Feel free to compare them to the feel and quality of anything else in your arsenal. You’ll find that these samples are the most authentic, alive, and high resolution 808s you’ve ever heard.

The Test Kit contains only 5% of the total recorded content. Get the rest with Preservation Series 808 or try Round Robin 808 R&D.

R&D instruments are experiments, small scale ideas, or scaled-back versions of products currently in production. Your investment in a R&D product will be credited toward the purchase price of the full version when it arrives in the store.

The full version of Kontakt is highly recommended for best user experience.

  • The full version of Kontakt 5.6.8 and up is required.
  • Kontakt Player should be able to run these patches for 15 minutes while in demo mode, however we do not officially support Kontakt Player at this time.
  • 96kHz wavs are included in the download. You can use these in any DAW or sampler.