Game Audio GDC Bundle 2020 – 50gb+ FX Bundle

Grab this whopping 50gb+ Sound FX collection courtesy of

Grab this whopping 50gb+ Sound FX collection courtesy of

In celebration of GDC 2020 Soniss are giving away 50GB+ of high-quality sound effects from their catalogue.

Everything is royalty-free and commercially usable.

No attribution is required and you can use them on an unlimited number of projects for the rest of your lifetime.

Contains sounds from the following libraries:

British Soldier Voices
Conspiracy Theory
Haunting Ambiences
Household Drones
Medieval Battle
Practical Doors
Sci Fi Voices
Supernatural Ghosts
Tick Tock
Trailer Instruments Designed
Resonant Rusty Door
Ambisonic Cromer Beach
Horror Background Ambiences
American Public Spaces Quad
Bali Ubud Village Ambiences
Boeing 737 Airplane Cockpit
Bubbles Water & Aquariums
Cacao Chocolate Factory
Camel Growl Vocalizations
Dubai Megapolis Sonic Bed
Electromagnetic Household Fields
Empty Hotel Quiet Room Tones
Human Male Breathe
Japanese Compact Car Nissan Versa Note
Lighthouse Electrical Motor Tone
Magic Elements vol.2
Moody Rain Loops
Nature in the City
Pig Farm Animal Groan
Rare Winds
Seashell Resonance
Squeaky Chicken Toys Vocalizations
Voice of God Game Phrases
Sci Fi Blaster
Trailer Reverses
Trailer Tools
Future Melee Weapons
Dark Creature Sounds
1970 Ford Mustang v8 Mach 1 Mustang_Mach1
Metal Sweeteners
Scottish Highlands
Smartphone Notification Sounds
Urban Passes By
Fishing Tackle Box
Moving Loops
Clicks & Switches
Decaying Factory
Black Project Mustang_Mach1
Cave Creature Sound Effects
Cinematic Metal Impacts
Crab Creature
Destiny Cinematic Ambiences And Sound Effects
Forest Creature Sound Effects
Heaven Ethereal Ambient Samples
Interception Radio Transmission
Lunar Cinematic Ambient Samples
Mountain Dweller Orc Sound Effects
Nightfall Scary Sound Effects And Ambiences
Snow Footsteps
Switch And Button Sound Effects
Tank Explosion Sound Effects
Wilderness Flowing Water
Thorium Cinematic Trailer
Royal Enfield Classic 350
Alien Sound Effects
Infographic SFX
Gentle Wind
Metal Movement
Metal Chains Dog_Chain
Metal Chains Heavy_Chain
Metal Chains
8-Bit Retro Game SFX Pack
Air Magic 1
Alarms Sound Fx Pack 1
Electricity Magic 1
Futuristic Guns Sound FX Pack 3
Ice & Frost Magic 1
Magic Sound FX Pack 1
Monster Sound FX Pack 1
Sci fi Flyby Sfx Pack
Sci Fi Systems
Spells Magic 1
UI Menu
Water Magic 1
Weapon Sounds Weapon Swings
House of Horrors Complete Pack
Tech Future
Complex Cinematic Horror Sounds CCHS
Effective Trailer Braams
Effective Trailer Downers
Effective Trailer Drones
Effective Trailer Pings
Effective Trailer Risers
AK 74
BMW 520i
BMW 760i
Mosin Nagant MN0104 MOSIN
Siemens Velaro
URAL 4320 Diesel
Ghost Whoosh
Harsh Noise Harsh Noise Feedback Loop
Scare Tactics
Urban Traffic
Pub Foley
Tape Tape Tape!! The Essential Sound Library for Tape Sounds
Baltic quad surroundings
Party Pack Party
Sewing Machine Sewing
AIRSHOW Air Force Fighters
European mountain forest animals and soundscapes
Honda Accord Type S
Industrial hall
Land Rover Defender TDI 300
Motorbike race Grand Prix Circuit
Mountain rivers and streams
Rain in urban and natural environment
Studer A80 Master recorder analog tape machine
Wind turbine
Ultimate Creature Footstep and Movement Library
Crickets and Cicadas
Ocean Waves
Transitions 002
Animated Explainer Video
Filmmaker Ultimate Sounds
Quantum State
The Case
Electric Lawn Mower
Sputter! Glug! Sutter! Chug!
Rise & Fall
Amaya Cooking night
Amaya Hardwork
Amaya Healthcare
Amaya Office hits
Amaya Transportation
Hand Guns Sound Effects Pack
Monster Sounds & Atmospheres
2CV Racing Car with Modified Engine Citroen
Fiat 500 (anno 1971)
MG TF 1500 anno 1954
Steam Engines Real & Foley
Vespa 1962
Medellin City
Monster Roars MR
Abstract Guns
Ancient Sea Ruins
Bullet Bys &Impacts
Foundation Series SCI FI vol 2
Glitchy Circuits
Lethal Blow
Mechanical Morphs And Mutations
Point and Shoot FUJI Cam
Rain Designer
Rocky Impacts
SCI FI Gunnery
Shattering Bricks
STEPS Dry Grass & Shrubs
Scifi Passby [designer Series]
Air Creation Tanarg 912 S Motor Glider Trike
Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio 2015
Arctic Cat Snow Bike SVX 450 2017
Aston Martin Rapide S 2017
Audi R8 2017
Bell 206L 3 Longranger III 1983
BMW E30 318i 1988 Street Race Modded
BMW M4 2014
Camaro ZL1 2014
Car Destruction
Centurion Mk V2 1955
Char B1 Bis 1938
Cigarette 39 Top Gun 2012
Colt M1911A1 semi automatic pistol
Comet A34 Model B 1944
Corvette C5 2004
Corvette C6 Z06 2009
Corvette C7 Z06 2016
Dodge Challenger Shaker SRT 8
Dodge Challenger SRT8 2011
Dodge Ram 1500 HEMI SUV 2014
Dodge Viper GTS 2014
Drag Boat 1970s
Extra 330LX
Ferrari 308 GTB 1985
Ferrari 458 2013
Ferrari 488 2016
Ferrari 812 Superfast 2018
Ferrari F12 2016
Fiat Abarth 595 2016
Ford Fiesta WRC 2016
Ford Focus RS 2016
FSC Lublin 51 1951
Harley Davidson V Rod Night Rod 2014
Honda CRF450R 2015
Hotchkiss H39
Jagdpanzer 38(t) Hetzer 1944
Lada Niva 1996
Lamborghini Aventador 2014
Lancia Delta Integrale HF 1989
Lotus Exige S 2013
M10 Tank Destroyer 1942
Mauser Karabiner 98 kurz K98k bolt action rifle
McLaren 570S 2016
Mercedes AMG C63 2009
Mercedes L3750 1945
MG 42 machine gun
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII 2004
Molgaard F2 2006
Mosin Nagant M38 bolt
MP 40 submachine gun
Nissan 370Z 2012
Nissan Datsun 240z Fairlady 1973
Nissan GT R R35 2012
Panther Ausf. A 1943
Peterbilt 359 1969
Peterbilt 359 1971
Peterbilt 359 Detroit 1968
Piaggio Ape tm P703V 1993
Polaris Ranger Electric UTV 2017
Pontiac Firebird 1969
Pontiac Trans Am 1984
Porsche 911 ST 1972
Porsche 997 Cup 2012
Porsche 997 GT3 RS 2008
Renault R35
Shoe Cleaner Machine 100kHz
SOMUA S35 1942
Springfield 1903A3 bolt action rifle
SU 76
Tankietka TKS 1936
The Gut Wrenching Gore Library
The Ironwork Machinery Library
The Junkyard Metal Library
The Pulse Jet Snowmobile
Thompson 1928A1 automatic submachine gun
TM 125 2018
Tokarev PPSh 41 submachine gun
Tokarev TT 33 semi
Toyota Corolla 1998 Rally car
Toyota Land Cruiser LX Turbo 1985
Valentine Mark IX DD 1940s
Volkswagen Van 1978
Volvo 142 Rally car
Volvo F6 1979 tow truck
Volvo L90c Wheel Loader 1996
Volvo XC90 2018 Electric
Vought F4U 1A Corsair 1943
Walther P38 semi automatic pistol
Yamaha ET 340 1978
Yamaha MT-07 2015
Yamaha MT-09 2015
ZiL 131 1977
Zivko Edge 540
Jaguar XE SV Project 8
Porsche 996 GT3 Nurburgring Lap
Mutant Insects (FLYING)
Mutant Insects (FLYING)
Skate on Board
The Gondola Lift
Scoba Ui Essentials
HHDoors Household Doors and furnitures
Summer in the field Crickets and Cicadas
Cartridges & Casings Shell
Hit & Punch
Dystopia Ambience & Drone
Asian Countrysides
Dark Textures
Impacts, Hits & Whooshes
Mavic Travel Filmmaker
Nature South Africa
User Interaction
Ambisonics Springtime Woods
Sci Fi Interface Construction Kit Vol. I
Sci Fi Interface Construction Kit Vol. 2
Soccer Stadium Ambience
Synthetic Drones
The VHS & Betamax Sessions
Ambisonics Village
Spatial Cities
Spatial Crowds
Spatial Roomtones & Interiors
Spatial Shores
Spatial Towns
F16 Maneuvers
Tonal Wind
Electric Field
Spring Waterfalls
Vehicles Pass by
Broken Robot
Drone Shepard Tones
Electric Arcs and Energy
Hyperdrive Futuristic Vehicle Elements
Metal Souls
Ocean Ambience 1 Caves, Crevices and Waves
Whooshes Impacts and Transitions
Fireworks Malta
ANGST Surrounding Horror
Bowling Sound Effects
Collected Animals
Electro mechanics Toolkit 2
Just Whoosh 4 Whoosh Sweeteners
Rc Cars Reely Core Buggy
Scooter Sfx ’94 Piaggio Sfera 50cc
Closets Small Doors
PARTICLES An Organic & Granular Journey
SMOOTH Light Touch Production Elemetns
Abstract Aqua
Audi A3 8L 1.9 TDI
Car Foley
Car Foley 2
Cars In Motion Wet Asphalt
Cars In Motion II
Cartoon Voices
Cat Meow Library
Dacia Sandero II 1.0 SCe Engine
Game Audio Engines
Leaf Blower
Lexus LFA 4.8 V10
Mazda 6 III 2.0 Skyactive G
Mazda Miata MX5 NBFL 1.6 Modded
Mazda Miata MX5 NBFL 1.6 Stock
Mazda RX 8 231HP RENESIS
Mini Countryman F60 SD
Nissan Qashqai I 1.6
Nissan Terrano II 2.7 TDi
Old Cameras 192kHz
Porsche Cayenne
Porsche Macan S 3.0 V6
Rain & Thunder
Renault Master 2.3 dci
Renault Master IV 2.3 DCI 165
Sack Of Coins
Seat Ibiza III 1.2 12V
Subaru Impreza GD WRX
Subaru Legacy 2.5 GT
Toyota Corolla Verso 1.6
Toyota RAV 4 II 2.0 16V Diesel
Volkswagen Caravelle T5 2.0 TDI
Bowed Cymbal 2 HD
Bowed Cymbal HD
Car Interiors
Metal Elements
Orc Creature Library
Singapore Ambiences Singapore Ambiences
Asia Echoes Laos
Bar and Coffee Shop
Alien and Imagined Atmospheres
Circuit Bent Toys Volume 1
Ford Fusion Plus Ambisonics
Polystyrene Destruction
Ice Hockey
Shanghai Ambiences
M3 Grease Gun Recorded Source
Weapons of World War II Designed
General Ambience Series Coastal 01
General Ambience Series Sounds Of Madrid 01
General Ambience Series Suburban 01
General Ambience Series Towns & Villages 01
General Ambience Series Towns & Villages 01
General Ambience Series Urban City Sounds 01
Themes Modern Cloth Foley 01
Themes Electro Magnetic 01
Sounds Of Nature Flowing Water 01
Sounds Of Nature Flowing Water 01
Rocks and Debris
1000 Winds Project (Farts.)
8-Bit Complete SFX & UI
ASTRAL Otherworldly Spirts, Abstract Atmospheres & Textural Soundscapes
Chicago Environmental & Transportation Ambiences
Hot Tub SFX (Jacuzzi Spa)
QuadCopter Drone Flight In Binaural The Chris Alan
Digital Sci Fi UI Kit 1
Construction & Tools
Cricket Junior & Senior
Crockery & Surfaces (Empty)
Crockery & Surfaces (Full)
Slow Motion Commercial Pack Shot Sweeteners
Outland Places Orgallone
Digital UI
Aotearoa New Zealand
Distorted Reality
Cassette Player CR2080
Controller Buttons
Power Tools
Rivers & Streams
Zippers, Buckles & Clothing
Digital Horror Full Pack Digital