99Sounds – City Sounds

The collection is ideal if you’re looking for high-quality city sounds for your next film, video project, video game, or song.

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City Sounds is a free collection of city sound effects recorded by Marcel of Free To Use Sounds and released by 99Sounds.

Free City Sound Effects

City Sounds contains 42 audio recordings captured in various areas of large cities. The library includes traffic sounds, city atmosphere, street sounds, sports crowds, car horns, ambulance sirens, and even rain sounds recorded on a busy street.

Marcel recorded these sounds in different cities across the globe, including New York, Denver, Seoul, Osaka, Istanbul, Busan, Bangkok, Munich, Valletta, Zagreb, Paris, Melbourne, and Auckland.

The collection is ideal if you’re looking for high-quality city sounds for your next film, video project, video game, or song. All included sounds are royalty-free.

The sounds are provided in 24-bit 48 kHz stereo WAV format.

How to use City Sounds

If you’re working on a movie or a video game that takes place in a city, you will need some high-quality city sound effects to immerse the audience into your project.

It’s easy to forget how many different sounds exist in a busy city. We usually try to block out the city noise, but listening to city sounds can be an interesting experience.

Play any recording in the free City Sounds library, and take a moment to close your eyes and listen.

The bustling metropolis comes alive with many street sounds that form the unique auditory tapestry of urban life.

From the distant hum of traffic and the occasional honk of an impatient driver to the rhythmic footsteps of pedestrians and the melodic chime of a tram bell, these are the sounds that define the rhythm of a city.

This is exactly what you will find in the City Sounds pack. Field recording expert Marcel of Free To Use Sounds used his knowledge to capture the sounds of busy city streets and kindly offered these sounds for free download on 99Sounds.

These carefully captured city sounds can transport listeners directly to a New York street corner or a Parisian café. You can load these city sound effects in your favorite video editing or audio production software.

The sounds are provided in WAV format and are fully compatible with programs like Final Cut Pro, Vegas Pro, Adobe Premiere, Ableton Live, Cubase, Pro Tools, and many others.

This free sample pack includes the following sound categories:

  • Busy street
  • Traffic
  • Crowd
  • Cafe
  • Rain
  • City Ambience
  • Siren
  • Marketplace
  • Metro station
  • School