Stretched Reality By 59 Perlen

Explore everyday sounds in a new way!


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Explore everyday sounds in a new way! The textures of the “Stretched Reality” sample pack by Perlen are snapshots from everyday life that have been reshaped into fascinating textures using time-stretching technology. Perfect for creating drones and textures.

Each sound has been carefully selected, looped and optimized. The loops are designed for a speed of 112 BPM and are each 4 bars long, thus they don’t consume much memory.

You get 50 loops in total:

  • Accordion (5 loops)
  • Choir (15 loops)
  • Lighter (2 loops)
  • Fireworks (3 loops)
  • India (6 loops)
  • Corps (1 loop)
  • Pianoplayer (6 loops)
  • Restaurant (6 loops)
  • Taj Mahal (2 loops)
  • Streetcar (4 loops)