Sounds Of Life – Ocean Swift Synthesis

Every day sounds edited into strange and crazy effects...


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A Different and more experimental sample pack containing field recordings of everyday sounds in raw form, and transformations of these raw sounds into musical bits, chords, drums, atmospheres and effects…….. Ambulances, microwaves, cars, engines, hums, honks, dogs, babies, alarms, chimes, kids, telephones, spoken words, machines… monsters, drones, screeches, aliens, stabs, pings, pongs… and… much more.

Useful to musicians and music producers – looking for everyday sounds to mix with your drums or snares, or pads and atmospheres for your intros, dramatic textures for your breaks – you can find many uses for your music even with the raw field recordings if you think a bit outside-the-box…

And of course – very useful to sound designers, video editors and game designers.

Files: 594 Files, 7 Folders, 904MB total.

Format: 24-bit – 44100hz .wav format.

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