Dubstep Subversion

Free drum kit elements, risers, filthy bass growls and screeching bass...


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Freshtouch Media have compiled a great sounding free dubstep sample pack from their epic dirty dubstep sample collection. This pack features the best in heavy, sub-rattling, bass growls and filtered screeches and a big hitting pack of dubstep drums. This free dubstep sound pack has 26MB of drum kit elements, risers, filthy bass growls and screeching bass. Dubstep Subversion is a necessity for anyone making dubstep music.

This collection boasts 77 dubstep samples in .WAV format. The pack supports most styles of dubstep are including: bro-step, filthstep, drum step and chill-step. A vital sample pack for any dubstep producer.

Why not edit and further process the samples!? Warp and filter the bass sounds to create totally fresh creations with different pitches and sonic attributes. Try sounds in reverse and get twice as many of them.


  • 9 kicks
  • 9 snares
  • 16 hi-hats
  • 3 crash sounds
  • 6 percussive fx
  • 3 risers
  • 25 bass growls
  • 19 bass screeches
  • 5 Skrillex style filtered bass roars
  • 26MB in Wav Format