Deep House Drums

82 top quality free one shot House drum samples in .WAV format...


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Fresh Touch Media are back with this great free Deep House Drums sample pack.

The pack boasts 82 top quality one shots in .WAV format. Fuel your creativity and quickly sculpt house drum kits . Lay down deep bass heavy kick drums, and punchy kits. Flesh out your drum library with a huge range of snares, claps and percussive sounds.

Try using multiple percussive and drum sounds to really get your mix grooving and to give it weight and impact. Create endless combinations of layers, get inventive and craft your perfect deep house drum kit.

Sample pack features:

  • 9 kick drums
  • 9 Snare drums and claps
  • 9 Hats
  • 9 FX
  • 40 Percussion
  • 6 vocal stabs and fx
  • 122 BPM
  • Wav Format